Leadership Development

As you know, the people in your organisation are your greatest assets. Investing in building great people and great teams will lead to greater outcomes. We believe by building leadership skills and enhancing creativity, more innovative, effective solutions can be found.

Just as each person we work with is different, our approach is tailored to your individual needs.

Being a CEO can sometimes be isolating. There are often confidential issues you cannot discuss with your senior team or board, leading to a lack of collaboration and sometimes, poor decision making.

Filling that void are our CEO Forums. Since 2005, our forums have provided a platform to connect CEOs to the not-for-profit sector and their peers, encouraging and inspiring them to be their best.

Our expertly facilitated sessions provide:

  • An open and ‘safe’ environment to discuss common issues of the job.
  • Shared ideas and solutions which some leaders may have already tried.
  • Exchange of information and intelligence from the field.
  • Expertise from industry guest speakers with insights to share.

Our members invariably report great value from the sessions, particularly as trust, familiarity and confidence in each other is built. The mutual support goes beyond the formal sessions with members continuing to collaborate and share ideas and resources.

If you are a CEO, we invite you to join our next forum.

Whether you are a CEO, Board Member or senior executive, mentoring can be of great benefit to your personal development and to the greater good of your organisation.

Mentoring is particularly valuable during critical times, such as a change in roles and responsibilities, a restructure, managing challenging teams, career decisions and the ever-challenging pursuit of work/life balance.

Acting as ‘critical friends’, our experienced consultants come alongside you to encourage, inspire and challenge. Like any coach we are on your side but we use our expertise and experience to help push you to the next level. We assist executives to reach their own conclusions and insights through strategic questioning and encouragement.

Whether you require ad hoc or regular mentoring, our consultants draw directly from their own knowledge and experience of being senior executives themselves.

We can also offer external professional supervision to groups and individuals by qualified and experienced Supervisors.

Need a mentor? We would love the opportunity to coach you and see you achieve:

  • Individual efficiency and capacity.
  • Improved relationships.
  • Strengthened team focus, motivation and productivity.
  • Improved communication.
  • Focus on strategy and client outcomes.

Insights into individual strengths and career.

actionable_conversations-finalThe simple act of talking to someone can be powerful. It gives you the opportunity to work through issues, find new solutions and step back from the everyday.

Actionable Conversations are just that – conversations. And we like to think of ourselves as expert talkers and listeners! Through strategic discussion we give managers the space to hone their professional skills and critical thinking. Together we work through core concepts found in renowned business books and discuss how these concepts can be turned into action in their own businesses and teams. Accountability is also important in upholding commitments to action.

So if you need a good chat, give us a call!

Many organisations do not give enough time and attention to succession planning, leaving a gaping void in leadership and the risk of loss of corporate knowledge. Instead of a seamless transition, there is unnecessary upheaval and distraction from the more important work of delivering outcomes.

That’s where we come in. We can assist Boards to develop an agreed approach to succession planning in the event of their CEO’s planned absence (long service leave, extended holidays, medical procedures), unplanned leave (ill health, accident) or future retirement.

Giving attention and forethought to the future will enable your organisation to maintain stability and employee morale, while a transition of leadership occurs.

Find out how we can help you plan for the future.

We like to cover all bases, so alongside our core Leadership Development services, we also offer:

  • Skills training – we provide leadership skills training to individuals holding executive positions in organisations.
  • CEO / executive performance, KPIs – we provide support and mentoring to CEOs and senior managers to review their performance and attainment of KPIs against their organisation’s strategic plan. We also help them to set goals for the future.