Governance and Board Development

Are your board and senior management all singing from the same song sheet? Have you got the right mix of skills and experience? Not sure if you are operating for excellence?

The health of your board and senior management can often dictate the health and effectiveness of the whole organisation. A functional, effective senior team and board gives your staff the confidence to thrive and a greater sense of belonging to your vision.

We are proud of our track record in the NGO sector of supporting and developing boards and management committees in their various governance roles.  We aren’t afraid to get stuck in and bring together the many (and often opposing) voices, ideas and personalities and creating harmony.

It may seem overwhelming but let us work with you and get you all singing from the same song sheet (so to speak).

To help develop thriving government agencies and NGOs we provide expertise on various governance issues, including:

  • Development of governance models and frameworks.
  • Governance/risk mitigation reviews.
  • Support for organisations to prepare or review their constitutions.
  • Preparation of governance policies and procedures covering Board member roles, legal responsibilities, code of conduct, meeting procedures, and standard forms.
  • Governance training for members of Boards and their senior staff, including key principles of corporate governance, the distinct roles of staff and Board members, a Board’s role in strategic planning, and guidance on Board succession planning.
Measuring effectiveness from top to bottom, sets an organisation up for excellence. It sets the tone for a progressive, innovative and learning organisation that will endure into the future.

Over 14 years, we have developed and refined a customisable Board Effectiveness Self-Assessment Questionnaire survey. The survey covers ten ‘domains’ of board performance related to the major functions of a board.  In each domain Directors rate the relative importance of each issue in the context of their Board, at the current point in time, and then assess whole Board’s performance on each issue.

The results provide a helpful framework for ongoing board development.

Getting the right mix of experience and expertise in a board can be the key to its effectiveness.

We conduct audits of Boards of Directors’ skills and capacities, identify skills gaps, and assist Boards with succession planning and recruitment.