Good evaluations can open up a myriad of possibilities, build on strengths, address deficiencies and consider new goals and objectives. Measuring the effectiveness and relevancy of your services is also key to attracting ongoing funding and support.

We know how important it is for your organisation to know they are truly making a difference. We help provide the evaluation tools to measure impact and provide helpful insights into what is working well and what is not.

Our evaluation toolkit is underpinned by a broad range of social research methodologies. We come equipped with both formative and summative evaluations, program logic frameworks and mentoring to enhance your in-house evaluation and capacity. We can measure existing, new and pilot programs and services, from small local projects through to State-wide and National initiatives.

The features of our approach to evaluation are:

  • Rigorous as well as flexible tailoring of the methodology to enable high quality data collection across stakeholder groups.
  • Thorough consultation with key stakeholders.
  • Strengths based and solutions orientated.
  • Efficient processes eg on-line survey data collection.


The ever dynamic and changing environment our clients operate in demands constant reviewing of programs and strategy. It is essential they know they are optimising service delivery for their clients and responding to their changing needs.

WestWood Spice partner with our clients to conduct independent reviews of their service delivery.   Through an evidence-based approach, we assess how efficiently and effectively they are meeting the needs of their communities, and identify ways to improve benefits for stakeholders.

We take an evidence-based, holistic approach covering legislative and other compliance requirements, financial sustainability, service efficiencies and new methods of service delivery.

We cover all bases, assessing:

  • Structure and capacity – is your strategy heading in the right direction? Are you fit for purpose? Are your people in the right roles and in the right structure?
  • Policies and procedures- are you complying with recognised standards? Have you got in place a risk assessment framework?
  • Effectiveness- are you performing at optimum? Are there barriers affecting your performance?
  • Impact of its services- are you delivering positive outcomes for intended clients?
  • Areas for improvement- what needs to be modified or strengthened to achieve more impact?