National Relay Service Outreach

WestWood Spice delivers the National Relay Service (NRS) Outreach Service on behalf of the Australian Government. The NRS is a government initiative that enables people who are deaf or have a hearing or speech impairment to connect with phone users using a wide range of telecommunication devices.

The NRS Outreach Service, contracted to WestWood Spice, promotes community awareness and acceptance of the NRS.



WestWood Spice has successfully delivered the
NRS Outreach Service since 2006 through:

  • Connector.

    An Education Team comprised of state-based education coordinators and national engagement specialists who:

    • offer face-to-face training across Australia to NRS users
    • raise NRS awareness with key health, disability and community organisations at meetings, conferences and events
    • work with large organisations to help them become ‘Relay Service Friendly’

  • Connector.

    A Marketing Team who:

    • develop hard copy and online activities to increase NRS acceptance and awareness.
    • Over 50 video clips are currently available; a ‘call tutorial’ is now live; and e-learning opportunities are growing maintain an active social media presence for the NRS
    • manage specific campaigns including cinema advertising, ‘come and try’ events

  • Connector.

    A Customer Service Team staffing a National Helpdesk who:

    • Respond to general inquiries and manages feedback and complaints
    • Assist with complex problem-solving and can schedule specialist Outreach staff